Taylor is my best friend, my companion and my partner. She is my number one fan and my support group. She is my entertainment and fun to entertain. We can sit in silence or laugh our heads off. We can go camping or stay in and just hang.

Everything is better when Taylor is involved.

Taylor is not one to give up, she is a competitor and a warrior. She is strong and determined. Taylor is a mother and nurturer at heart and has always loved children. She loves and supports me and the kids with 100%. 

She is my dream come true.

I love her with all of my heart. I love living life with her by my side. She is my motivation for all that I do and I hope and pray that I make her happy everyday. 

I am a very outgoing person. I love people.  My friends and family members are some of my greatest treasures, that I hold dear to me. I wear my heart on my sleeve, easily loving those I meet.

I cherish being a mother.

I enjoy dancing. We have frequent dance parties with our boys, multiple times a day. I enjoy doing Yoga. Very much! I have also some how talked this old body into running again, after years of despise for such activities; I'm currently training for a marathon.

I enjoy shopping. Clothes, pretty things, and unique treasures. I can be found barefoot 97% of the time. Chris more often then not cuts my hair, and through trial and error, has learned how to cut a pretty decent straight line.

I enjoy making healthy meals for my family, while being pleased to find out my children enjoy junk food just as much as me. I feel I have taught them well. Wonderful! I love impromptu bike rides to the beach and building forts in our front room.

I enjoy my life, and don't take myself too seriously.