Summer 2010
(L to R Kasey, Taylor, Hugh, J, Chris, Andy, Daisy, Grandma, Grandpa, Conrad, Kim, Gunner, Eliot, London)

Chris has three brothers: Eliot, Andy, and Kasey. They get along really well, and enjoy spending time together. Most often, they can be found surfing! They all have a strong love for the ocean. They grew up in San Diego, where his parents still live. The whole family gets together often, and the grandkids love to run around together. J and Hugh really love going down to San Diego, and generally start begging to go back within a day of returning home from visits.

His oldest brother Eliot is the entrepreneur of the family and a sales man at heart. He is quite a story teller, charismatic, and loves to be the heart of the party. He has been married to Kim for almost 6 years. They have four kids: Daisy (5), Conrad (4), London (2), and Baby Gunner. They live in San Diego County. J and Hugh genuinely love their cousins, and always look forward to their time spent together.

His younger brother Andy is living the single life in Hawaii. He will be graduating from BYUH next Spring. When we lived in Hawaii, Andy would come and eat all our food, sleep on our couch, and take the boys on adventures. We enjoyed our time with him! Andy is really social, outgoing, and hip. He is a thrill seeker, and enjoys surfing the huge waves in Hawaii that everyone else is afraid of. We miss being so close by!

Kasey is the baby of the family. He is a big teddy bear, and is well loved by everyone that knows him. He is a dear friend. He has a kind heart, and cares a lot about people. He is living in San Diego, and going to school. Kasey recently got engaged to the most wonderful girl; everyone adores Auntie Linnae. They will be getting married this upcoming Winter. We can't wait.

Summer 2010
(L to R: Nate, Sam, Darren, Doug, Owen, J, Chris, Hugh, Taylor, Elijah, Grandma, Liz, Jordan Jr., Jordan, Jacob, Grandpa, Aaron, Kendra, Mike, Cousin Rachel, Cousin Whitney)

Taylor has five brothers and one sister: Doug, Nate, Mike, Aaron (her twin brother!), Liz, and Jacob. They are very close to one another! They love each other very much. Their family moved frequently before settling in Provo, Utah in 1995. Her parents lived in Provo for almost 10 years, before moving to Orem, where they both now live. Since J and Hugh were the first grandkids on this side, they have been spoiled rotten by their adoring aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Even though the siblings live all over the country, they all keep in exceptionally close contact, and cherish their time spent together.

Her oldest brother Doug lives in Oregon. He is one of the smartest people in this world! He is an honor student in college, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and is involved with student government. He wants to change this world, one Law Degree at a time. He has an exceptionally kind heart, and is always rooting for the under dog. He would give his shirt off his back (literally) to anyone in need; even if it means that he has to go without. 

Nate and his wife Samantha live in Hawaii, too! We really miss them, a lot. Our kids have a tender spot in their heart for Uncle Nay-Nay, being the only family member that they lived so close to since birth. We greatly enjoyed living in Hawaii at the same time as them. When Nate would tote J around campus, people would think Nate was his Dad, with their matching white hair! J also has a crush on his beautiful Auntie Sammy, from the Philippines. Sam graduated last year with a degree in Communications, while Nate is finishing school this Spring in Accounting. Their adorable baby Darren is almost a year old.

Her brother Mike and Kendra recently moved to Tennessee. They are the most fun Aunt and Uncle a kid could hope for, always spoiling the babes with attention, treats, and their puppies Max and Bosco. They are sincerely loyal to their friends and family members. Mike is the entrepreneur of the family, always working hard and amazing us with his different projects. Kendra graduated from BYU last Spring. They are trail blazers, doing life exactly how they want to! If you could describe them in one word, it would be: FUN.

Aaron is Taylor's twin! He is wonderful. She would claim he is the better half of the two. He is so sweet, patient, forgiving, and very kind. Always! I am sure the guy is incapable of making enemies. The world would be a better place if we could all be more like Aaron. He is held in the highest regards. He is also one of the smarty pants in the family. Once he learns something, he will remember it for life! He is currently living in Utah, enjoying the pre-dental program at UVU. And he is oh-so-handsome! 

Liz is the baby sister of the family, yet has some how found a way to grow up without our permission. She got married this last summer to the wonderful Jordan, and was lucky enough to be sealed to Jordan's two boys, Jordan Jr, and Elijah, making them her very own. We couldn't be more thrilled to have them be a part of our family. Since they live in Georgia, the cousins enjoy Skype video chatting, and are constantly talking about each other. J and Hugh have really lucked out, FINALLY getting cousins their age on that side of the family. 

Last but not least is "Baby Jacob". He is truly the baby of the family, and unfortunately for him, he has 8 parents to boss him around!! He is the blessing caboose of the family, only 13 years old. Our boys seem to think Uncle Jacob is King of the Universe, and want to be nothing else, but Uncle Jacob when they grow up. He is the greatest Uncle to have around, letting the boys mess up his room, play with his toys, and teach them new tricks. He is very wise, and beyond his years. Each person in our family considers ourselves lucky to have him in our family.